Ancient wisdom and fundamental truths are embedded in stories.

These are a list of projects that I am privileged to be involved in. Thankfully there are many more around Australia and the world that involved the healing power of story.

Community Harmony

We all share stories. When we create a story sharing environment we are looking to share, learn and most importantly listen. This can only lead to a closer understanding and greater tolerance in our community.

Stories for Community Harmony
A program of sharing stories from our communities near and far within the classroom. All students bring stories form their elders/relatives/community leaders to share with the class. Stories are presented orally in any number of languages. The skill of sourcing stories and presenting bilingual oral stories is explored and developed. The stories that are presented are used as a platform to learn, examine and understand our cultural identities, our points of similarity and divergence.

In April 2009 funding was sort from The Department of Immigration and Citizenship. This program has been shortlisted and invited to apply for full funding.

The stories that make up me
In development - a program of stories to be delivered within the classroom to examine our own cultural identities. What makes me an Australian? How does my story fit with other Australians? Establishing a cooperative and listening environment to learn from our stories.