Ancient wisdom and fundamental truths are embedded in stories.

These are a list of projects that I am privileged to be involved in. Thankfully there are many more around Australia and the world that involved the healing power of story.

Resilience/Mental Health

Sharing our experiences can be difficult, using mythological or folk tales we can grow our understanding of our own journey and find wisdom for future decisions.

Kids Making Choices
An early intervention program funded by The Attorney Generals Dept. and Illawarra Ethnic Communities Council, which has been running for 5 years in the Illawarra.

An intensive two-day program is delivered by a team of four - a storyteller (Lillian), a drama teacher (Pip), and two visual art workers (Lava and Mohamed).

Participants delve into self-image, personal decision making processes, goal development and the range of choices they make in their daily lives.

Carer support
Sharing world folktales of heart, care, loss and personal welfare. As a group we examine the truth of these stories and relate them to our everyday experiences of living with a loved one with mental illness.

Mental Health Stories
Below is a video clip of one aspect of my story as a carer, my brothers story as a young man with schizophrenia and a folk tale that speaks to all of these realities.